Strange Films From Europe

This is actually a very diverse section, stretching from the UK (which can suffer similar symptoms to the US) though the French and German Avant Guard to the radical and highly individual films of central and eastern europe, where the lingering ghosts of communism give them a very different flavour indeed.
Possession – Andrzej Żuławski

One of the finest horror tales ever.  Period.  Superb depiction of a decaying and impossible relationship when love and hate are no longer opposites.  Breathtaking performance from both leading roles.

Sweet Movie
Sweet Movie – Dušan Makavejev

Unique historical artefact.  Strange and unexpectedly haunting.  Brilliant and very brave performance from Anna Pruncal.  Tribute to anarchic and revolutionary film making.

Brass Eye Special
Brass Eye 2001 Special – Chris Morris

Satire at it’s most vicious and necessary.

The Naked
The Naked: A Psychological Film – Witold Swietniki & Krzysztof Jaworski

Quirky, chuckle-out-loud comedy, the absurdity and silliness of the mundane nicely emphasised by the complete absence of clothes.

The Piano Teacher
The Piano Teacher – Michael Haneke

Spectacular, unflinching and appropriately enigmatic and non-judgemental plunge through the darkest places of sex and attraction – and classical music

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