A site dedicated to the strange movies of the world. This is a slowly growing collection of reviews that i write whenever I can find time for it. It covers a very varied selection of films in many genres, united only by the fact that they struck me as strange and interesting.

Strange Spoilers
Warning!! I am somewhat immune to spoilers and like my reviews analytical – and am quite happy to know a film through and through before watching it. If you are one of those people who really care about spoilers and are going to hate me for it, then i suggest you treat this site with some caution.

Strange Censorship
I am compelled by forces beyond my control to warn you that one or two of the images in here might have slightly explicit content – ie various bits of the anatomy that presumably only porn stars posess and prudish morons don’t. Therefor, by clicking any link here, you agree that YOU WILL NOT read the reviews, then bug me about it because you get freaked out by a tuft of hair or a nipple, ok? My apologies for insulting your inteligence.

Oddly enough, i don’t have to warn you about the occasional bloody violence and horrific things that people do to one another . . . go figure!